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Take care of business with custom-designed and professionally printed business forms and cheques!

Even in this digital age, paper-based materials for daily business operations are indispensable to most companies and organizations. While some businesses rely on electronic communications, many companies still rely heavily on printed materials, including custom invoices, NCR forms, estimate sheets, and receipts. The most common pieces that businesses purchase regularly are business forms and cheques. How do you determine the best route for your business?


The pre-populated or standard forms you can purchase from an office store or supplier aren’t personalized with your logo and they usually don’t include all the information you need. KKP’s custom business forms are printed with your logo and designed with your company in mind. Give your team the correct tools to maximize resources, a customized form can make daily operations easier, and increase the visibility of your brand.


Some of the most frequently requested form solutions include:


· Custom invoices and order forms                             

· Invoice books                   

· Register forms  

· Work orders

· Evaluation forms

· Inventory logs

· NCR forms

· Purchase orders

· Sales books       

· Subscription forms

· Quality control forms


Partner with KKP to get the customized forms, documents, and branded cheques your business needs to run smoothly. Each business form should be designed to help you save time, increase efficiency, and reinforce your corporate identity. Whether you have a specific business form template you want to use as a starting point or you need a personalized cheque to match your brand’s identity, our team is here to help.

When it comes to your business, saving costs with standard bank cheques may sound like the way to go – at first. When you cut corners, you will be cutting more than cost. These are the top benefits you’ll experience with custom business cheques:


  • Increase brand awareness. – Regardless of the channel or type of communication, every interaction with your brand should be easily identifiable and enforce your brand's identity.
  • Increase credibility. – When your company is represented positively and professionally across every channel and communication, it raises your credibility and enforces the level of professionalism that they should expect during your interactions.
  • Save time. – When a cheque is clearly and properly imprinted with your logo and business information, it is easy to see who it came from and more importantly – where that payment should be applied. 
  • Avoid aggravation. – Standard bank cheques that just have the address on them can add additional time for accounting teams that are processing your transactions because it is not always easy to identify who the payment is coming from.

Ready to get started? With roots in printing, we bring to the table extensive experience in working with businesses across a variety of industries. We look forward to speaking with you soon to talk about the custom business solutions that you should be using for your company. Contact us today to get a free quote or set up a consultation.

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