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Partner with an experienced pro like us to get best results from your next mail campaign

Even in this digital age, why do so many businesses reach out to prospects via direct mail? It works! While people might be overwhelmed with the volume of emails they receive daily, printed direct mail advertising gives all of us something to touch, hold and review at our leisure.

Experts in all aspects of direct mail campaigns and ready to assist with any one tactic or all, KKP knows this first-hand. In fact, here are five points that illustrate how and why direct marketing remains alive and well in the 21st century. Door direct mail is:

·         Flexible: Direct mail offers a variety of format options. A postcard, letter with insert, self-mailer or three-dimensional package in the form of a box, mailing tube or padded envelope can all achieve excellent results. Ask us. KKP offers options for every direct mail marketer … and any budget.

·         Intrusive: Direct mail advertising is an “active” format. Customers may eventually to find their way to your website, but a catalogue or a direct mail piece in their mailbox is an intrusive “tap on the shoulder” that online-only activities don't allow.

·         Measurable: With other tactics, sometimes it’s hard to know what’s working — and what’s not. Direct mail marketing campaigns from KKP are popular because you can test hypotheses and measure results. We’ll help show you how.

·         Tactile: There's something to be said for appealing to the senses. With a variety of paper finishes and folds from which to choose, direct mail campaigns from KKP deliver a sensation of touch that online activity can't match.

·         Targeted: Direct mail is targeted to the people most likely to respond. Whether you’re speaking to prospects or customers, the best way to reach a specific audience is through direct mail advertising. Bulk mailing (e.g., without names) such as with Canada Post’s Neighbourhood Mail can reduce costs. Personalized direct mail (e.g., with names and even individualized images and messages) can increase results. With KKP, there’s an option for every direct mail marketer!

Above all, direct mail advertising is effective. In fact, going to the mailbox to discover what’s inside is a daily ritual for most of us. Whether it’s a product catalog, a dollars-off offer from a nearby restaurant or an invitation to a charity fundraising event, mail fills an intrinsic human need. That’s what makes it so powerful — and why direct mail continues to be an extremely effective way to generate leads — and sales.

To make the most of the direct mail marketing opportunity, partner up with a pro: KKP. From creative direct mail design and money-saving database services to variable printing for personalized messages and more, rely us to do it all.


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